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  • Body Care Essentials

    Every month
    Perfect for taking care of your largest organ: your skin!
    • 1 - 3oz Summer Butter Lotion (Cocoa Butter Cashmere)
    • 1 - 2oz Ultra Light Face Cream
    • 1 - 3oz Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Half Dozen Bath Bombs per Month

    Every month
    Six bath bombs made in seasonal shapes!
    • 6 Seasonal Bath Bombs per Month
  • Half Dozen Shower Bombs

    Every month
    Six Full Size Shower Bombs per Month
    • 6 Shower Bombs per Month in Seasonal Scents
  • Best Value

    Self Care Essentials

    Every month
    Four weeks worth of Spa Essentials
    • 3oz French Green Clay Facial Cleansing Balm
    • 1 Shower Steamer in Seasonal Scent
    • 10 oz Body Scrub/ Polish
    • 10oz Whipped Body Soap
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