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Introducing our Soothe & Protect Lip Balm - the perfect solution for dry, chapped lips! Our 1.5" diameter rounded lip balms are made with the finest ingredients, including shea butter and coconut oil, to ensure your lips have long-lasting protection. If you're out in the cold winter air or basking in the summer sun, our lip balm will help keep your lips moisturized and healthy.


Plus, our convenient size makes it easy to take on the go for instant relief whenever you need it. Say goodbye to dry lips and hello to a smoother, softer pout with our Soothe & Protect Lip Balm!

Soothe & Protect Lip Balm

  • Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, and Rosehip Seed Oils. Organic shea butter and beeswax with Vitamin E.

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