This collection smells absolutely devine, and reminds you of a field of Sunflowers and hints of Sandalwood. There are 3 pieces available in this collection, each $6 or the full collection for $15.


What is a bath bomb? A bath bomb can be ANY shape, and is meant to add fragrance and color to your bath water, and silkiness to your skin for the complete immersive experience. I have thoroughly tested my bath bombs, and even the smallest size lasts at least 10 minutes of fizziness and foam, with bursts of fragrance.

What is a bubble bar? A bubble bar is harder than a bath bomb, and can also be in many shapes -- the ones in this package are scoops. You can place them in your hand (or in the pouch I send with each purchase) and place them about 2" below your tub faucet to create the softest and silkiest water and SO.MANY.BUBBLES. The best part? You don't have to use the whole thing in one bath. You can move it to the side and keep using it until its gone!

I have these ready to ship.

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