These strawberry & lemonade scented fizzy bath salts will have you feeling like you're floating in a refreshing glass of sunshine! These fizzy bath salts are perfect for your luxury spa experience!


What are fizzy bath salts? Fizzy bath salts are a combination of differently textured Epsom salts, fragrance and essential oils, which when sprinkled into your tub water, creates a spa-like experience, with gentle releases of fragrance. It comes in a sealed jar, zippered resealable packaging, a small corked tube or a parfait cup (with loofah) which can be reused until empty, then repurposed!


I am also able to make custom scent bath salts upon order. If there is a specific scent you would like, please check my other listings or message me for a custom order.


Thank you for supporting my small business!



NEW!! Strawberry Lemonade Fizzy Bath Salts!

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