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Introducing our scented solid shampoo bars and conditioner, the perfect addition to your hair care routine!


Our bars are designed to leave your hair feeling clean, soft, and nourished. Whether you're dealing with hair loss, graying, or just want to strengthen your locks, our formula is specially formulated to promote growth and reveal healthier, shinier hair.


Responsibly-sourced and made with the finest ingredients, our bars are designed to not weigh your hair down, leaving you with a fresh, clean feeling all day long.


NEW FORMULA: Hair Repair! Our secret ingredient is the natural active that plumps up hair by increasing the diameter of the fiber to create fullness and gain volume. The appearance is an increase of 10,000 more hairs after just one application. This magical formulation targets damaged, thin, chemically treated and aged hair.


Try our solid shampoo and conditioner bars today and transform your hair care routine!

Solid Shampoo or Solid Conditioner

PrecioDesde $20.00

Big Birthday Sale!

  • Kpangan Butter, Panthenol, Avocado Oil, Natural Fragrance Oils

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