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Bath Tub Crayons - Unleash Your Inner Artist in the Tub!

Transform bath time into a vibrant canvas of creativity with our Bath Tub Crayons. Dive into a world of color with these rainbow-hued crayons made from natural ingredients, providing a safe and entertaining artistic experience for bath enthusiasts of all ages.

Colorful Bathtub Adventures: Let your imagination run wild as you draw and doodle on the bathtub walls. Our crayons bring a splash of color to your bath, turning ordinary water into a canvas of possibilities.


Rainbow Spectrum: Experience the joy of a full spectrum of colors! Our Bath Tub Crayons come in a rainbow of hues, allowing you to create mesmerizing masterpieces right in your tub.


Natural Ingredients for Safe Fun: Crafted from natural ingredients, these crayons prioritize safety without compromising on vibrant pigments. Enjoy worry-free playtime, knowing that our crayons are gentle on the skin and easy to clean.


Easy to Wash Off: The beauty of our Bath Tub Crayons lies not only in their brilliant colors but also in their easy washability. Simply rinse off the drawings with water, leaving your bathtub clean and ready for the next artistic adventure.


Entertainment for All Ages: Whether you're a budding artist or just looking to add a splash of fun to bath time, our Bath Tub Crayons are perfect for all ages. Encourage creativity and make bath time an exciting part of the day.


Kid-Friendly and Mess-Free: Designed with little ones in mind, our crayons are easy for small hands to grip, making them a kid-friendly addition to bath time. The mess-free formula ensures a hassle-free cleanup.


Unleash Your Creativity: Turn your bath into a canvas, creating colorful works of art with our Bath Tub Crayons. Let the rainbow colors inspire your creativity and make every bath an adventure in imagination.


Safe, Natural, and Colorful: Crafted with care and creativity in mind, our Bath Tub Crayons bring together the safety of natural ingredients and the joy of a rainbow palette. Elevate your bath time with the magic of colors and let your inner artist shine!

Bath Crayons - set of 6

PrecioDesde $10.00
  • Natural and coconut based ingredients

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